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Organic Volatiles Gas Analyzer With PID Sensor LCD Screen Portable VOC Gas Detector

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Safegas
Certification: ATEX/CE
Model Number: SKY6000-VOC
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum Suitcase
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, Visa, Master Card, Credit card
Supply Ability: 3000 pieces/Month
Detail Information
Detecting Gas: VOC Sensor Type: Electrochemistry And PID Sensor
Measure Range: 0-1ppm,0-10ppm,0-20ppm,0-50ppm,0-100ppm,0-1000ppm,0-5000PPM, 0-10000PPM Resolution: 0.001ppm, 0.01ppm, 0.1ppm,1ppm
Application: Power Plant, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Building, Mine, Metallurgical Coking Sampling Method: Pumping Suction
Display: Formula, Gas Concentration Data, Measurement Trend Curve, Gas Curve, Battery, Time, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure (optional), Pump Condition, Wireless Status, Printer Status, Screen Shot Status Alarm: Buzzer, Red LED And Alarm Status On The Display, Fault Alarm, Pump Abnormal Alarm, Low Battery Alarm
Language: Chinese/English Warranty: One Year
High Light:

Portable VOC Gas Detector


IPS LCD VOC Gas Detector


PID Sensor Toxic Gas Detector

Product Description

Organic Volatiles Gas Analyzer With PID Sensor LCD Screen Portable VOC Gas Detector


SKY6000 is a handheld portable gas detection alarm. The instrument can be flexibly configured with single or multiple gas sensors; it adopts 3.5-inch high-definition IPS LCD color screen, 150-degree wide viewing angle, Chinese and English operation interface; three alarms of sound, light and vibration, optional fall alarm function, underground The safety of the operator is more secure; the air inlet is equipped with a waterproof and dust proof filter, which is suitable not only for daily ambient air but also for the damp and dusty monitoring environment; the built-in gas pump with adjustable ten-speed flow can be used. Customized gas detection flow for different detection environments, can be detected normally under 6m/S high-speed airflow; strong resistance to electric transients, It also has the extended function of Internet of things, long standby time of large-capacity lithium battery; high-strength engineering materials for instrument casing The unique shape design combines practical ergonomic operation.

Organic Volatiles Gas Analyzer With PID Sensor LCD Screen Portable VOC Gas Detector 0Organic Volatiles Gas Analyzer With PID Sensor LCD Screen Portable VOC Gas Detector 1
Product advantage


1. Integrated built-in pumping gas detector can detect and display one or more gases simultaneously.
2. 3.5-inch high-definition color screen and 120 °degree wide view
3. With detachable suction probe >130mm, double-layer pipeline: Internal PTFE layer and it can not absorb any gas;
4. Plus spring protection layer, 360 degree bendable and hardly deformed.
5. Specially designed flashlight button which can turn on with one button and operator can detect with lighting in the dark environment.
6. With pinhole type one-key recovery button, can restart the instrument with one button for recovering caused by misoperation
7. Internal modular design, smaller and lighter for easily carry.





Gas Detected VOC
Detection principle Electrochemistry and PID sensor
Sampling Method Built-in pump suction sampling, select high-quality micro pump, small noise and vibration. 10 grades adjustable, flow range: 0-500 cc/Min.
Measure Range 0-1ppm,0-10ppm,0-20ppm,0-50ppm,0-100ppm,0-1000ppm,0-5000PPM, 0-10000PPM
Resolution 0.001ppm, 0.01ppm, 0.1ppm,1ppm
Display content
Gas name or gas chemical formula, concentration data, unit of measurement, trend of gas curve, battery power, time, pump status, etc Optional: temperature, humidity, pressure, Bluetooth status, printer status, screen capture status, etc.
Alarm Buzzer, searchlight and alarm status prompt on the display, low battery alarm
Data record
Automatic measurement data recording function, interval storage and alarm storage, can customize the recording time interval, standard storage of 100,000 history records or alarm records; optional independent 8G memory card, other capacity options.
and data download
The TXT document for storing data can be quickly downloaded by con-
necting to the computer directly via USB; the TXT document can be con-
verted into an Excel document by using the PC software.

Print function


Optional external Bluetooth printer

Print content


Real-time concentration data and historical data
Universal Micro-USB charging interface, 5V/2A standard charger
Language Chinese/English

Wireless network


Wireless transmission
distance (optional)
LORA (open space) up to 3500m, BLUETOOTH (Bluetooth) up to 10m
Network frequency(optional) 398-525MHZ(LORA),2.4GHZ BLUETOOTH


Standard Accessories
1. Gas detector
2.5v/2a Charger, Micro-usb Cable (1 Piece)
3. Qualification Certificate&Warranty Card
4. Hydrazine Filter (1 Piece)

5. Non - toxic, tasteless, explosion-proof, waterproof, heat - resistant, high - temperature resistant,


corrosion resistant suitcase (1 set)


Organic Volatiles Gas Analyzer With PID Sensor LCD Screen Portable VOC Gas Detector 2


Optional Accessories


Portable Bluetooth Printer (Including Charging Base, Rechargeable Lithium Battery)
High Temperature Flue Gas Probe (One Set)
ElasticBending Probe

Contact Details
Nina Wang

Phone Number : +8613072743898

WhatsApp : +8613072743898