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SO2 NOX Air Quality Multi Gas Detector 0.001PPM High Resolution With CE Certification

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuante
Certification: ATEX/CE
Model Number: SKY8000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum Suitcase
Delivery Time: 5 - 7 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, Visa, Master Card
Supply Ability: 1000 pieces/Month
Detail Information
Detecting Gas: Can Detect Upto 18 Gases Sensor Type: Combustible: Catalytic Combustion Principle Or Infrared Principle; Oxygen: Electrochemical Principle Or Zirconia Principle; Toxic: Electrochemical Principle; CO2: Infrared Principle; VOC: PID Photo Ion Principle; CH4: Catalytic Combustion Principle Or Infr
Measure Range: 0~1、10、100、1000、5000、50000、100000 PPM;0-100mg/L、200mg/L; 0-100%LEL;0-10%、20%、50%、99.999%、100%Vol(Measure Range Is Optional And Customerized) Resolution: 0.001 PPM(0-1 PPM);0.01 PPM Or 0.001 PPM(0~10 PPM); 0.1 PPM Or 0.01 PPM(0~100 PPM);1 PPM Or 0.1 PPM(0~1000 PPM); 1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);0.01mg/L(0~200%mg/L);0.1%LEL(0-100%LEL);0.01%(0-100%VOL)
Application: Power Plant, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Building, Mine, Metallurgical Coking Sampling Method: Pumping Suction
Display: Formula, Gas Concentration Data, Measurement Trend Curve, Gas Curve, Battery, Time, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure (optional), Pump Condition, Wireless Status, Printer Status, Screen Shot Status Alarm: Buzzer, Red LED And Alarm Status On The Display, Fault Alarm, Pump Abnormal Alarm, Low Battery Alarm
Language: Chinese/English Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

NOX SOX Multi Gas Detector


SKY8000 CO2 Gas Detector


SKY8000 NOX Gas Detector

Product Description

SO2 NOX Air Quality Multi Gas Detector 0.001PPM High Resolution With CE Certification


SKY8000 series gas analyzer is a data collector which can quickly acquire and analyze gas concentration components in scientific research, university and complex working environment. SKY8000 gas analyzer can detect up to 18 gases simultaneously. It can integrate electrochemistry, catalysis, thermal conductivity, infrared, light ion, ultraviolet and other detection principles, focusing on the accuracy of gas detection and user experience.

Product advantage

1. Top brand sensor from UK and Built in micro sampling pump, fast response and high precision.

2. Special structure design and selected aviation wear-resisting material, suitable for various kind of industry environment

3. Up to 18 gases can be detected at the same time, meet many detection demand.

4. 3.5inch high definition color screen, with gas concentration data and real-time curve display switchable, clear and smart

5. With Mini-USB charging interface designm ,makes charging more convenient

6. With independent SD memory card, historical tested data can be viewed and deleted and the storage space can be customized

7.Analyzer can be equipped with internal printer or external Bluetooth printer, to realize the mobile print function(Optional).


        SO2 NOX Air Quality Multi Gas Detector 0.001PPM High Resolution With CE Certification 0


Gas Detected Can detect upto 18 gases like O2, CO, CO2, H2, CH4, SO2, NOX, NH3, O3, etc
Detection principle Catalytic combustion, Infrared,electrochemical, PID photo ion,thermal conductivity
Sampling Method Built-in pump suction sampling, select high-quality micro pump, small noise and vibration. 10 grades adjustable, flow range: 0-500 cc/Min.
Measure Range
0~1,10,100,1000,5000,50000,100000 PPM;0-100mg/L,200mg/L;
0-100%LEL;0-10%,20%,50%,99.999%,100%Vol(Measure range is optional and customerized)
0.001 PPM(0-1 PPM);0.01 PPM or 0.001 PPM(0~10 PPM);
0.1 PPM or 0.01 PPM(0~100 PPM);1 PPM or 0.1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);
1 PPM(0~1000 PPM);0.01mg/L(0~200%mg/L);0.1%LEL(0-100%LEL);0.01%(0-100%VOL)
Formula, gas concentration data, measurement trend curve, gas curve, battery, time, pressure (optional), pump condition, wireless status, printer status, screen shot status
Alarm Buzzer, red LED and alarm status on the display, fault alarm, pump abnormal alarm, low battery alarm
Data storage
Independent SD memory card, Max.32G, measurement data can be record automatically, customizable record time interval.
Data  transmission
RS232,RS485 singnal output,USB interface data transmission, with the upper computer software, can download storage, analyze and print data

Print function


Optional with internal portable printer or external bluetooth printer

Print content


Text, graphics, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, curves, characters, etc.
Standard Mini-USB charging port. With 13V/2A special charger (built-in printer) or 5V/2A universal charger (external printer )
Language Chinese/English

Wireless network


Bluetooth, Zigbee
Network frequency 2.4G high frequency.
wireless transmission Bluetooth is less than 10m, and the ZigBee outdoor single point is less than 500m.


Standard Accessories
2.Qualification certificate
3.warranty card
4. a Micro-USB cable
5. a water,vapour,smoke filter
6. an intake sampling rod
7. 600mm tube

8. Non - toxic, tasteless, explosion-proof, waterproof, heat - resistant, high - temperature resistant,


corrosion resistant suitcase (1 set)


Optional Accessories

Printer (built-in printer or external bluetooth printer)
High Temperature Gun





1. Petrochemical & Chemcial Industry

2. Municipal Engineering & Utilities

3. Agricultral & Environmental Protection

4. Electronic

5. Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

6. Other Industries


Contact Details
Nina Wang

Phone Number : +8613072743898

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