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Fixed SIL Certified Multi Gas Tester IP65 Wireless 4G LCD Color Display

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YuanTe
Certification: SIL CE ATEX CNEX ISO9001-2015
Model Number: YT-95H-B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton Box
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Credit Card
Supply Ability: 500PCS/DAY
Detail Information
Detected Gas: Oxygen, Combustible Gases, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide Measure Range: O2: 0-25%VOL, CH4: 0-100%LEL, CO: 0-2000PPM, H2S: 0-100PPM
Sampling Method: Inner Pump Detection Principle: Catalytic Combustion/Infrared Ray, Electrochemistry
Install Method: Wall Mounted, Pipe, Flow-type, Confined Space Display: Color Display
Power Supply: 12-24V DC Signal Output: 4-20mA&RS485
Material: Die-cast Aluminum Case Explosion Proof Construction: Ex D IIC T6 Gb, IP65
High Light:

IP65 Multi Gas Tester


SIL Multi Gas Tester


4G Multi Gas Detector

Product Description


Fixed Multi Gas Detector Monitor Pump Control Panel Wireless 4G Connection LCD Color Display


Can detect multiple gases, multiple numerical display

Up to 6 kinds of gases can be detected at the same time. In complex and multi-gas environments, multiple installations can be reduced, saving time and effort.
2.4-inch industrial-grade high-definition color screen with a resolution of 320*240 and a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees.
Supports ppm, mg/m3, μmol/mol display units. Units can be switched arbitrarily, and the concentration value is automatically converted by the device.



With internal suction pump, fast response


With a built-in constant flow and large suction pump, which
is accurate in detection, and has a faster and more sensitive
response than diffusion models.



Can support wireless transmission (optional)


With optional wireless module, data can be uploaded to the cloud platform, environmental protection bureau or other platforms, providing SMS reminder function, the transmission signal is not limited by distance, and can be viewed in real time on mobile phones and computers.


With strong anti-interference, data is reliable

Can resist strong magnetic interference. Data is guaranteed to be stable and reliable in areas with strong magnetic products or densely populated areas such as tunnels, mines and confined spaces.


Powerful function, multiple transmission signals and output

With full software automatic verification function and zero calibration function, making gas monitoring more accurate and more reliable.
Standard 4-20mA current signal, RS485 digital signal, 1 set of relay signal output, optional 2 sets of relay signal.
Standard infrared remote control, which can remotely control the detector and modify the detector settings.
With sound and light alarm function, there is sound and light alarm when reaching the alarm point.
For the harsh environment with high temperature, high humidity and high dust, a pretreatment system can be selected to cool down, dehumidify and remove dust to protect the service life of the detector.



YT-95H-B series is a built-in pump-suction multi gas detector, which can detect 1-6 kinds of gases at the same time, continuously monitor the concentration of various gases online for 24 hours.

Use a 2.4-inch high-definition color screen to display the on-site concentration in real time, and output 4-20mA, RS485 Standard signal, transmit data remotely.

YT-95H-B series is with advanced circuit design, mature kernel algorithm processing, obtained a number of software work patents and appearance patents.

YT-95H-B series can detect gas concentration in pipelines, confined spaces,and atmospheric environments, and can also detect gas leakage.

The instrument has a built-in constant flow and large suction pump,which is accurate in detection, and has a faster and more sensitive response than diffusion models.

When the target detected gas is lighter than air,no need to install at high place, which can get the detection results quickly and safely.



Online Four in One Toxic Gas Detector Specification


Sampling method Built in pump
Pump flow rate 0.35-0.5 L/Min

Gas detected

Oxygen(O2), Combustible gases(EX/LEL), Carbon monoxide(CO), Hydrogen sulfide(H2S), according to customer's requirements

Detection principle

Catalytic combustion/Infrared Ray(LEL), Electrochemistry(O2 CO H2S), sensor and ic are imported from UK, fast response and high precision

Install method

Wall-mounted, piping type, flow-type (according to the detected environment)

Measure range

O2: 0-30%VOL/0-25%VOL, EX: 0-100%LEL/0-100%VOL, CO: 0-500ppm/0-1000PPM/0-2000ppm, H2S: 0-100ppm/0-200PPM(Measure range is optional)


O2: 0.01%VOL, EX: 1%LEL/0.01%VOL, CO: 0.1ppm/1PPM/1ppm, H2S: 0.01ppm/0.1PPM


≤± 2% FS

Signal output

4-20mA, RS485, 1 set of relay output; 1-5VDC(optional), 2 sets of relay output(optional)

Response time


Recovery time




Linearity error


Zero shift



High-light nixie tube display

Connection mode

G1/2 external thread explosion-proof flexible pipe


ppm, mg/m3, g/m3, %LEL, %VOL


-20 to 50°C




Ex d IIC T6 Gb

Degree of protection



Sound, light

Operating time



286*202*96mm (H x W x D)


3.4kg (3.8kg with alarm light)


Fixed SIL Certified Multi Gas Tester IP65 Wireless 4G LCD Color Display 0


Fixed SIL Certified Multi Gas Tester IP65 Wireless 4G LCD Color Display 1


Applications for Four in One Toxic Gas Detector


Biogas factory, Garbage station, Wastewater treatment, Air quality, Chemical industry, food factory, software engineering, environmental protection, animal husbandry, mining, power engineering, etc.

Furniture, Floor, Wallpaper, Coating, Gardening, Interior Decoration and Renovation, Dyestuff, Papermaking, Pharmacy, Health Care, Foodstuff, Antiseptic.
Disinfection, Chemical Fertilizer, Resin, Adhesive, Pesticide, Raw Material, Sample, Technological Process,
Livestock Farm, Refuse Processing Plant, Perm Place.
Bio-pharmaceutical Plant, Green Household, Livestock Breeding, Green House Cultivating, Warehouse Logistics, Brewing And Fermentation, Agricultural Production.

At present, we have cooperated with Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, State Grid Administration, Samsung, HuaWei, etc.


Fixed SIL Certified Multi Gas Tester IP65 Wireless 4G LCD Color Display 2



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